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Having range problems after narrow banding?  Visit www.info4u.us/nbsf

This is a web page just for firefighters!  We've got other web pages for public safety agencies which you can learn about by clicking on the About Us selection on the selection bar above. We are honored to be able to serve your special needs in wireless communications and related accessories as well as keeping you up to date on the latest information on grants, technical standards, and FCC regulatory standards (See the Legal/Technical section above).

If you are associated with an Alabama Volunteer Fire Department operating on the Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC)  UHF radio network, you know that the FCC's mandatory move to narrow band by 2013 has now being implemented.  That means that new radios may be required for those that can not be narrow banded.  The question is which technology do you choose?  Analog, IDAS, MotoTRBO, or P25?  Any fire department with these questions may want to check out a special web site that we have developed to help you get the right answers.  You can check it out by going to www.info4u.us/DMR.pdf.

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